How to Cancel Norton Product Subscriptions and Get Refund

In the guide below I will let you know how to cancel Norton antivirus for various products. Whenever you buy a Norton product, such as Norton 360, you must create Norton accounts that will store your private information along with the product you receive. These accounts also keep your credit card information if you make an online purchase of this program.

When you register with your antivirus provider, Norton provides the ability to automatically renew your registration after your subscription period has ended. However, if you no longer want to use this support, or if your business uses a different virus protection plan, it's easy to cancel automatic renewal, as well as prevent your credit card from being charged for potential services. Cancel this attribute using Norton accounts or by submitting the webform.

As they say, for benefits, Norton automatically charges your credit card along with the amount of support for renewing the item you buy after the renewal period. This is to provide uninterrupted support from Norton. But most users are unaware of this and, as a result, pay Norton a renewal sum, even if they don't have to renew their subscription.


You can do any of the following to cancel your Norton account and receive a refund of Norton's issued money. Remember that Norton includes a 60-day money-back policy, which you can simply recover if your card is charged less than sixty days after your refund request. Get help from Norton Chat and talk to your broker.


Before you decide on any of the procedures listed above to begin the Norton cancellation process, make sure you have the following information ready:

The last four digits of the credit card used to make the online purchase. Credit card expiration date. The speech to log in to your Norton account is the email address you decided to register to.

When calling or chatting with customer service, keep the above information on hand and provide all customer service request information to initiate a Norton quick cancellation procedure to return your cash.

If you fall out of a 60-day return period, you can still choose to use the product. If the item has been removed from your computer, you can download it and reinstall the product. To achieve this: Log in to your Norton account. Click Install Norton. Make sure you turn off automatic renewal by moving the slider (under the Automatic renewal heading) to "Away". Check your option to disable automatic renewal.

Cancel your Norton subscription Before you charged

If you haven't received your invoice yet, you can cancel the automatic renewal service without having to contact anyone. Log in to your Norton account. Under automatic renewal, move the slider to the "Away" position. Check your option to disable automatic renewal.

Remember that every time you provide a credit card, it turns out that when connected to a subscription, most companies will automatically renew - this is not invented by Norton. Look carefully at the fine print and make sure you make the choice to opt-out of these "suppliers".

Success strategies

If you decide to complete the Norton online cancellation form, you must wait 2-3 times before getting a response from the service group, and this procedure may take even longer, depending on the circumstances. In my experience, a much better result can be obtained by calling customer service. It is also possible to ask a customer service representative to eliminate the automatic account settlement in case you are still in the registration phase. In these cases, the agent will get rid of your credit card information stored in files from your Norton accounts and you will not be charged for some of these services.