How to Fix Brother printer does not automatically connect to Wi-Fi.

When the Brother printer does not mechanically connect to Wi-Fi, you need to reset the system settings for your own Wi-Fi and brother to contact each other. Switch to the power of your Brother printer. Press the menu button, click the arrow with the button, and then click OK. Click button 1 to manually reset the system procedure. Finally, your Brother printer will start a system reset. When finished, you should try to connect brother printer to wifi. Make sure you connect the Brother printer to the Wi-Fi to which your computer is connected. Then ensure a secure connection between your brother and computer. Connect the Brother printer to the power cable twist on your computer and insert the printer driver so that the printer can take control of printing.

  • Restart the computer, connect 1 end to the USB port and the other end to the USB cable interface, and then connect the other end to the available USB port on the computer. 
  • USB ports are attached to a few USB ports near the sound jack and power cord.
  • Visit the official Brother printer page, scroll down and click the official Brother printer page, and then click the download links in the left column. 
  • Select a printer in the selected product group. 
  • And the Choose printer version drop-down menu, now select the view button and then move. Click the link below. 
  • Select the laptop operating system, now select the language and search for the desired language according to your native state. 
  • Install the printer driver to make this laptop work smoothly. After installing them, save the changes and restart the printer to make sure that the printer is properly configured and working correctly.


The best way to connect your Brother printer to Wi-Fi: make sure the power cord is connected. Turn the machine on and get it ready. Hold the WPS button at your own wireless LAN access point with a router at the WLAN entry point button for a few seconds. Press the wireless configuration button on the back of the device. See the documentation that came with your own printer. 

Wi-Fi lights will flash after establishing a secure computer connection and the printer will display a message that the system has successfully completed.

  • You can also configure the Brother HL printer using a Wi-Fi router in this way.
  • Wait until the system card of this printer is flashing to the factory settings. Click the wireless card in the printer. Open a browser on your computer.